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    How does it work?

    Read more about the benefits you'll get from using our scientifically-based, personalized programs.


    Strength training has been scientifically shown to deliver benefits in a myriad number of ways. Our progressive exercise method teaches you how to best extract these benefits for yourself without the injury risk of traditional forms of exercise.

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    More energy and stamina

    Building the battery packs in your muscles

    Wouldn't it be great to have the energy of a 6 year old?  Or the energy to keep up with your 6 year old?  Maybe you'd settle for the energy to deal with the daily grind of the modern world. The manufacturers of energy - your biological power plants - are microscopic organelles called mitochondria.  Our workouts are designed to increase your body's production of these important organelles, so you'll have more get-up-and-go.


    What that means for you: Not only will you increase your strength levels, you'll improve your endurance and energy levels as well.  

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    Greater ease of movement

     Keeping your joints oiled and healthy

    Feeling stiff? Creaky? Sore for no reason (or, perhaps, good reason)? strength training can work wonders on painful, immobile joints, returning you to fighting shape. Maybe it's not your ambition to move like a supple leopard. But there's no reason to feel (or move) like the Tin Woodsman.

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    Stronger bones, muscles, and joint health

    Full-body renovation

    Over time, your cells stop regenerating. Skin loses collagen and becomes saggier; muscle cells atrophy and become less responsive; bone becomes porous and fragile. There's a reason we prosaically refer to aging as feeling like your body is "falling apart" - because, quite literally, it is! It's as if your body has outlived its usefulness and is ready to sail away into the sunset...


    What if you could turn back the clock and regain a sense of strength and vitality?


    One word: Structure. "Form follows function." Rebuild your form, and your body's function will return. Our exercise method is like a renovation project for your muscles, bones, and joints.



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    Less pain

    Turn the pain volume knob down

    Whether as a result of athletic misadventure, occupational strain, or plain ol' "mileage", physical pain is a daily reality for many people. Additionally, chronic pain can be a deterrent to restorative exercise, further exacerbating the problem by causing muscle weakness and compounding the pain cycle. Our unique approach to strength training can help reduce pain by strengthening muscles gradually and safely, reversing the cycle of pain. Best of all, our workouts are joint-friendly, meaning you won't break yourself down in the process of building yourself up.


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    Eugene Thong, CSCS

    Head Trainer

    Eugene holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. During his senior year at Rutgers, he was a student intern in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, where he designed and implemented exercise programs for post-cardiac event patients.


    Since becoming a personal trainer in 2000, Eugene has amassed over 30,000 hours of personal training experience supervising one-on-one and group sessions. Eugene is certified as a post-rehabilitation exercise specialist and obtained his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2004.


    As befitting his mad scientist demeanor, Eugene tirelessly researches and experiments with optimizing his fitness, nutrition, and performance - often testing the results in the "laboratory environment" of the Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu Academy.

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    Tanya Trombly

    Personal Trainer

    An ACE-certified personal trainer with over ten years experience, Tanya draws on her background as a professional ballerina in her exacting but compassionate style of coaching. She has worked with clients from all walks of life, but her approach is tailor-made for clients who want a ruthlessly efficient workout, followed by a swift return to the bustle of their daily lives.


    Her personal dedication and practice of our method of strength training has allowed her to continue to perform at a professional level in ballet long past the typical shelf life of a ballerina. A true devotee to the "walk the talk" philosophy of fitness, Tanya serves as living, breathing inspiration and motivation for her clientele.


    You can read more about Tanya and her unique approach to fitness at her website: Anti-Bunhead Fitness


    Wanting a better body isn't a mere vanity project. Your body is the vehicle with which you move through and experience the world, and vibrant health is the rocket fuel that powers you. For you to truly live.

    The first, easiest step towards building a better life?


    Build a better body.


    Build it - faster - with us.


    We believe the best customer is an informed customer. Here's a bit of the education you'll receive along with the health benefits we'll harvest from the exercise.

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     Nutritional counseling 

    Making food and eating simple again

    Perhaps no other health subject is as fraught with misinformation and myth as nutritional science.  Moreover, the contradiction and confusion of nutrition headlines makes navigating the question what to eat a murky endeavor at best.  We'll separate fact from fiction and discuss the best strategies and practices from a science-based perspective.

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    Exercise technique, execution, and progression

    An owner's manual for your body

    Proper technique insures the areas of your body you want worked actually are working, safely.  Proper execution teaches you how to make your body do what you want (very helpful if you're not a natural athlete). Proper progression helps make sure we never outpace your body's ability to adapt to the exercise stress, keeping you free of injury.


    You'll learn all three during the course of your exercise regimen.

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    How to relieve stress, naturally

     Also known as "unlearning bad habits"

    Much is made of the "mind-body connection" in both popular culture and in sports lore, but in its simplest form, you could say, "You are not your mind."  Learn how getting "into your body" can teach you how to relax. Teach yourself how to stop annoying and anxiety-provoking thought loops.  Practice the skill of absorbing yourself in a physical task and observe how all the stressors of your mundane life just fall away.


    Meditation isn't just about sitting in lotus position and counting your breaths until your "monkey-mind" falls asleep.  You don't have to travel to the ends of the Earth, eat a spartan diet, and chant to yourself for a week just to have a sense of calm.  Learn how regimented exercise can teach you how to get back to baseline.


     Our clients share their experiences 

    Nicki Gilmour

    "I started training with Eugene just after I recovered from a bad spell of chronic fatigue. I had lost a lot of muscle and he has gently built me up over 3 years so that I feel the strongest I have in my life. He understands that some days my energy is low and tailors the workouts appropriately. Compassionate and intelligent, I highly recommend Eugene as a trainer."

    Terry Pelster

    "Just wanted to let you know how much better my back is after our session yesterday. Thank you!" 

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